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Hosted by the Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES), the 2-day roundtable was held in Brussels in order to discuss the current practices on management of QA in Europe (dev 2.4)

Quality Assurance in Europe

14/16 - 10- 19

This workshop, which took place at the University of Montpellier, was an opportunity for the consortium to see in detail the management indicators of an establishment, the support methods and the tools for the implementation of the quality approach. This meeting allowed the Quality Committee to control and monitor the aspects of the project's quality plan and continue the work of the collection of good practices

Matching exercise in Montpellier


This activity is a Roundtable to initiate a reflection on the creation of a shared toolbox to meet the needs of internal and external QA in Morocco.

Drafting of the project toolkits in Rabat

Aims & Objectives


The overall aim of the project is to assist Morocco in its ambition to further develop and enhance a new national Quality Assurance Agency for HE...



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