What is EQUAM-M?


EQuAM-M will support evolution to a national QA system for HE in Morocco that focuses on structure and management, and the components needed to ensure consistent, comparable and transparent processes and outcomes. 



EQuAM-M is designed to support the newly established ANEAQ in developing shared External and Internal Quality Assurance procedures and provide it with a new ‘tool kit’ to ensure that the QA system for MA HE meets the needs of the country, draws on the aspirations of the MA academic communities, and reflects the latest international expectations.


It will also support it in creating procedures and communication ways with the HEIs (public and private) based on mutual trust to ensure a sustainable appropriation of QA rules in the MA HE system. The project will play a major role in more closely aligning Moroccan HE with some of the most successful aspects of the European Bologna Process and thus contribute to enhancing recognition, mobility and internationalisation.