Virtual meetings of the consortium
June, July 2020

Since March 2020, face-to-face activities, meetings and gatherings have been affected by the current situation due to the pandemic. Thanks to the 6-month extension granted by the EACEA, the consortium is adapting the last part of the project to continue to advance its results mainly online.

Also, the project partnership is organising a series of virtual meetings to maintain the momentum of the project despite the period. In addition, the University of Barcelona, as coordinator of the project, carries out individual monitoring of each partner in order to support them in carrying out their activities at a distance, to review key financial aspects and to facilitate the continuity of the project in these difficult times.

The first virtual meeting of the consortium took place on June 29th (agenda here) to discuss and agree on the online activities to be continued during the period and how to re-plan some activities that could not be organised in presence. During this virtual meeting, the partners expressed their difficulties in filling in the questionnaires from home during the months of confinement, without being able to easily contact other university services. The presence of Prof. Rabea ZIRI sharing the experience of Ibn Tofail University with the partners on the implementation of the WP5 steering activities, online, was a testimony and an example to overcome the current adversities WP5: Experience of Prof. Rabea ZIRI, Teacher-researcher, Ibn Tofail University,
On 13 July, an online meeting between ANECA Director, Mercedes Siles and ANEAQ Director, Mr El-Moukhtar Bakkour, was organised to give an overview of the state of the art of all the activities carried out, ongoing and to be carried out. A reflection was launched on how to integrate EQUAMM into the second wave of the evaluation of 12 Moroccan public universities for the new national guide (agenda here).


July 13th
June 29th