A restricted group of partners represented by UM5-R, UCA, UMI, ENQA and UB meet periodically both in person and online to review the activities carried out, the deviation from the descriptive and propose improvements during the development of the project.
The committee worked during the atelier in Montpellier in October 2019 but also online on October 5. This time we have 10 participants from the consortium.
Following the individual monitoring meetings we had with most of the partners to discuss the future activities remaining before the end of the project, we invited the quality committee to a pooling meeting to deal mainly with 
- the institutional video, 
- training and dissemination activities, 
- the quality  
- the self-assessment of the Toolbox.
This meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the status of WP5 and of the partners who have already carried out the self-evaluation. In addition, the ANEAQ Director commented on the status of the surveys to be carried out by an institution chosen among the 12 public universities for the second wave launched for the national report. In the absence of any reaction from the institutions, it was decided to inform the presidents of the project partner universities directly in order to report on the achievements of the EQUAMM project and to make known the persons involved and trained in AQ in their institutions so that they could be nominated, if the presidents so wished, and take advantage of these resource persons to carry out these self-evaluations
The quality questionnaires have also been processed by ENQA as an evaluation will be sent to the partners to study the effect of the pandemic on the consortium in relation to the project.
The possibilities for dissemination and sustainability of the project results were also shared. It is proposed to carry out a tour among the partners given the impossibility of carrying out training sessions in situ but this possibility will depend on the situation at the local level. It was also discussed the possibility of holding webinars or videos that have been approved by our project officer.