Testing the ToolKits 
May 18th, July 22nd 2020

Following the current COVID 19 pandemic, BU has prepared in collaboration with UM, ANECA and ENQA a qualitative and quantitative self-assessment which is being duly informed by each Moroccan partner. Then, an expert from each European institution will accompany, during a virtual meeting, a group represented by 3 Moroccan institutions through the zoom application or MS team to comment on the self-assessments and propose suggestions for improvement. 

The consortium has thus started the piloting phase of WP5 through two questionnaires of qualitative and quantitative self-evaluation and calls for support from European experts. 
On May 18, a first video call was organized with an expert from ANECA and UB for the follow-up of the piloting exercises of ITU, UEMF, UAE.
 On July 22nd, the second video conference led by UM was held to discuss the self-evaluations of UCA, UIZ and UH1-Settat, with the presence also of the representatives of the meeting of May 18th, SAPIENZA and our external evaluator. This experience allowed us to detect the weak points of the two questionnaires for this experimental phase of the project's toolbox. Following the participants' feedback, we sent out a new and improved questionnaire in September with 4 documents to fill in.


Self-evalutaion Documents
First Videoconference - Experts from UB and ANECA
Second Videoconference - Experts from UM