Work packages

Work package 1 (PREPARATION): Preliminary work: an exploration of latest developments in internal (HEI) QA with latest national and international expectations and developments in external (QA agency) roles and responsibilities

Following discussions with the Moroccan Ministry and QA agency, a Questionnaire will be developed

  1. Fact finding visits to Europe; Key staff from the Moroccan QA agency and senior Moroccan university leaders will undertake a study visit in Europe.

  2. The first series of Round Table discussion meetings will be held and a report will summarize its outcome

  3. A Road Map will be developed.

DEV 1.1   Questionnaire

DEV 1.2   Fact finding visit to Europe

DEV 1.3   Round Table Discussion meetings: Series 1

DEV 1.4   Round Table Discussion meetings: Series 2

DEV 1.5   Road Map on QA in Morocco


Work package 2 (DEVELOPMENT) : Comparing experiences with EU agencies and their relationships with Higher Education Institutions

Series of Roundtables to identify expectations, priorities, and approaches to QA in Higher Education within the context of Moroccan universities. International norms and expectations will also be introduced and compared to the Moroccan context. A report will summarize the outcome of these gatherings.

  1. Two Matching Exercises to be held in Europe to better understand the procedures, methodology, and links between Internal and External Quality Assurance.

  2. A Roundtable on EU internal (university or institution) and external QA (national and regional and the role of QA agencies.

  3. Drafting of a White Paper to serve as the basis for Moroccan QA management model.


DEV 2.1   Options for matching Internal QA and External QA to meet all Moroccan stakeholder expectation

DEV 2.2   Matching Exercise on Internal EU QA Management.

DEV 2.3   Matching Exercise on Internal EU QA Management-2

DEV 2.4   Roundtable on European QA Management

DEV 2.5   White Paper


Work package 3 (DEVELOPMENT): Aligning and integrating EQA and IQA: developing a ‘shared QA toolkit’ to meet national needs and international expectations (Development of a quality assurance ‘toolkit’)

This package is intended to:

  1. ANEAQ visit to Europe to identify the QA toolkit components

  2. Roundtable discussions with all partners and report to consolidate the QA toolkit

  3. Desk-based exercise and roundtable to prepare the Code of Practice

  4. Draft of the Code of Practice

DEV 3.1   Toolkits for integrated External QA and Internal QA

DEV 3.2   Towards a ‘shared toolkit’ to meet needs of Internal QA and External QA in Morocco

DEV 3.3   Preparing the Code of Practice for the Management of QA

DEV 3.4   Towards a Code of Practice for the Management of QA



Work package 4 (DEVELOPMENT) : Aligning and integrating Internal QA and External QA: testing the ‘toolkit’ and optimizing procedures to meet national needs and international expectations

Roundtable to discuss latest trends of external evaluation of HEIs’ internal QA at both institutional and programme level Internal Report


DEV 4.1   Optimising External evaluation of Internal QA at institutional and programme level

DEV 4.2   Internal Report

This package had to be adapted due to the impact of the COVID in the project. Taking advantage of previous discussions on aligning  internal and external QA (in Dev 3.1 & Dev 3.2), the deployment of the "toolkit" and the expertise of the European consortium on QA, the Piloting (W5) was reoriented to a self-evaluation exercise and in this WP4, the tools required for the self-evaluation exercise were developed:


Creation of Supporting Documents for the Self-evaluation Exercise

DEV 4.1   Document 1: Methodological Guide for the Self-evaluation of Higher Education Institutions

DEV 4.2   Document 2: Guidelines for the Self-evaluation of Higher Education Institutions

DEV 4.3   Document 3: Diagram for Quantitative Self-evaluation of Higher Education Institutions 



Work package 5 (DEVELOPMENT): Piloting the new integration of internal and external QA (tool kit and procedures)

This package is intended to:

  1. Piloting against university (institutional) QA systems

  2. Piloting against programme systems (within Faculties/departments)

  3. Evaluation of the Pilot outcomes

DEV 5.1   Piloting against university (institutional) QA systems (4 universities)

DEV 5.2   Piloting against programme systems (within Faculties/departments – 4 universities)

DEV 5.3   Evaluation of the Pilot outcomes

This package had to be adapted due to the impact of the COVID in the project. Despite the isolation and the different speeds of reaction, up to nine of the Moroccan participant universities could carried out the self-evaluation exercises on the use of the toolkit.  Those are the corresponding outputs of this adapted work package:

Piloting and Evaluation of the Pilot Outcomes

DEV 5.1   Session 1, with experts from ANECA and U.Barcelona (18 May 2020)

                    DEV 5.1.1   Université Abdel Malek Essadi

                    DEV 5.1.2   Université Euro-Méditerrannéennée

                    DEV 5.1.3   Université Ibn Tofaïl

DEV 5.2   Session 2, with experts from U.Montpellier (22 July 2020)

                    DEV 5.2.1   Université Hassan I Settat

                    DEV 5.2.2   Université Cadi Ayyad

                    DEV 5.2.3   Université Ibn Zohr

DEV 5.3   Session 3, with experts from U.Roma (1 February 2021)

                    DEV 5.3.1   Université Mundiápolis

                    DEV 5.3.2   Université Moulay Ismail

                    DEV 5.3.3   Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah

DEV 5.4   Evaluation of the Pilot (Self-evaluation) outcomes


Work package 6 (DEVELOPMENT): Enhancing QA management and its impact on Moroccan Higher Education

This package is intended to:

  1. Enhancing management of external QA by ANEAQ (Morocco)

  2. Enhancing universities’ management of IQA

  3. Training of ANEAQ staff

  4. Enhancing infrastructure

DEV 6.1   Enhancing management of External QA and universities’ management of Internal QA

DEV 6.2   Training for the Moroccan Quality Assurance Agency Staff

DEV 6.3   Enhancing infrastructure


Work package 7 (QUALITY PLAN): Quality Assurance of the project

To monitor progress in the establishment and implementation of external and internal management model of Quality Assurance in Morocco and to identify early impacts, successes, and areas for improvement. The do so, the following tasks will be undertaken:

  1. Regular meetings of the Quality Committee during the project lifetime and sharing of the minutes with the consortium

  2. Appointment of an external evaluator

  3. Mid-term and final report

DEV 7.1   Quality Committee - Quality Assurance Plan.

DEV 7.2   Interim External Evaluation Report

DEV 7.3   Monitoring of the Project

DEV 7.4   Quality and Evaluation Reports:

                    DEV 7.4.1   Evaluation Report - 1st Period

                    DEV 7.4.2   Evaluation Report - Final

                    DEV 7.4.3   Survey results of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the project


Work package 8: (DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION): Dissemination and Sustainability of the project

To disseminate information and sustain activities successfully through:

  1. Project and partners’ websites

  2. Dedicated internal/local and international dissemination events

  3. Participation to international conferences and links with international network

  4. Continuous and sustained exchanges between the Moroccan stakeholders within and outside the project’s planned activities with the support and commitment of the ANEAQ and the MESRSFC

  5. Publications in national and international specialized journals

It will also be important to ensure that events and activities are well attended by the corresponding stakeholders and other interested parties.


DEV 8.1   Dissemination Plan and Sustainability Strategy

DEV 8.2   Project Website and Intranet design & maintenance

DEV 8.3   National Networking Events

                    DEV 8.3.1   Event at the QAA in Marrakesh

                    DEV 8.3.2   Event at the Université Euromed in Fez

DEV 8.4   Dissemination at the Institutional Level

DEV 8.5   Final Conference


Work package 9 (MANAGEMENT):

This package is intended to:

  1. Coordinate the project activities and ensure their timely implementation and completion according to the set objective in the proposal

  2. Prepare the Dissemination Plan and Sustainable Strategy (please see 8.1)

  3. Form and coordinate the PMT

  4. Organise the KOM

  5. Coordinate the communication among the partnership and with the EACEA

  6. Prepare the Financial and Technical reports

DEV 9.1   Kick-off Meeting

DEV 9.2   Project Management Team

DEV 9.3   Financial and Administrative Management

DEV 9.4   Production of intermediate and final reports