Kick off Meeting

The meeting to launch the project (WP 9.1) is part of a tradition of cooperation in higher education between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Spain, the immediate predecessor of which is the 4th AECHE (Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education) conference in April 2017 in Rabat. This context is important as the EQUAM M project is an integral part of the ongoing dialogue process carried out in recent years by the AECHE secretariat and with the active participation of the Spanish quality assessment and accreditation agency ANECA.

The main objective of the project is to develop a tool kit on quality assurance and a Code of Good Practices for use by Universities and the Moroccan Agency itself. In this way, it will make it possible to align Moroccan universities with the most positive experiences of the Bologna Process, while at the same time helping to strengthen their internationalization.


Documents & Presentations